Early Adopters Program


Abstract: This document describes UGO’s Early Adopters Program, its engagement and communication activities that will be undertaken to ensure proper engagement of potential new adopters to be onboarded from the very beginning in the pre-market launch phases.


 What is UGO? #

UGO is a “social job and referral platform” where (i) companies can publish their career opportunities, (ii) employees can promote these opportunities inside their networks to refer candidates to their employers, and (iii) candidates that are interested or actively looking for career opportunities can find those inside their networks.

UGO is a hiring solution designed to help companies engage their employees at the heart of their talent acquisition strategy to boost their employee referrals. Company vacancies are automatically matched to the network of participating employees, who are notified of platform suggested matches to help them stop missing out on referral opportunities. UGO digitalizes, automates and gamifies the Employee Referral Program to increase and keep engagement levels high, to ensure Talent Acquisition teams can rely on a steady pool of prequalified talents.

UGO is also a job platform allowing candidates to be matched automatically to new career opportunities inside their network. We shaped their solution to give job seekers an extraordinary candidate journey experience. They have access to targeted career opportunities inside their network and can reach out to trusted connections to request more information, to evaluate the fit and to ask for a recommendation for fast-tracking their applications and increase their chances.

Foremost, UGO is a social network that is shaped to help people and companies find each other when the cultural fit is high. We believe happy people make more productive teams, which makes companies more successful, and the world a better place.


Our Early Adopter Program #

In order to prepare for organization-wide rollouts and market launch, our Early Adopter Program (EAP) engages with a group of select “early adopters”. Early adopters are:

  • • Organizations, HR leaders and Talent Acquisition professionals that recognize the need and benefits of digitalizing, automating and gamifying their Employee Referral Program to boost employee engagement and referral hires;
  • • Employees of these organizations, who want to refer fitting friends and connections for open positions in their companies and who appreciate the social and corporate benefits;
  • • Active and passive job seekers that need trusty human-to-human interactions to validate the cultural fit with an organization before fast-tracking their applications with an internal recommendation.


We’d like to think of it as an opportunity to test our ideas and co-create our solution with a group of selected organizations and users who, with their constructive user feedback and insights, will help our team nail UGO’s product market fit, prepare for full scale launches and bring that “WOW” factor.


Why should I participate? #

Becoming an Early Adopter is an opportunity for organizations and their employees to:

  • • Gain early access, insights and learnings that will give you a head start on your competitors;
  • • Shape the product and feature design through user feedback;
  • • Benefit from training sessions and additional resources for early learning on upcoming features;
  • • Gather initial feedback from users on identified goals and scenarios;
  • • Solve any potential problems with a much smaller group of users, prior to an organization wide launch;
  • • Develop a pool of potential UGO champions who will help evangelize and help colleagues adopt UGO.


As an active or passive job seeker, the EAP offers you early access and the opportunity to be part of select group that will be exposed to our Early Adopter’s open positions in your network that match your requirements.

These benefits are all optional and at your discretion. As an Early Adopter, you can pick and choose the benefits that work for you and tailor your degree of participation in the EAP.


Who we’d like to be involved in the EAP? #

  • • People and organizations who want UGO and the project to be successful and who are willing to spend some time in using the tool and in providing feedback;
  • • Users from across different lines of business and departments, preferably those that are used to networking and social media;
  • • Users who are likely to become UGO champions, who are engaged and willing to further promote and support product adoption within and outside their organization;
  • • Leaders who will become advocates during the full scale launch to the organization.


How can I join the program? #

Candidates are free to join the EAP whether they are students, young professionals, employees or freelancers, by registering on UGO and creating their accounts at https://my.ugonetworking.com. By submitting the form that is available here, we will send to the needed information to get you started.

Organizations interested in joining UGO as Early Adopters need to express their interests by completing the form that is available here. Note there are a limited number of spots for Early Adopter organizations and participation may depend on the time schedule of the product build.


Will you be sharing my personal information? #

NO!  We do not share any personal information with any third parties other than our service providers.