Recruiter Guide

What is UGO? #

UGO is a social job referral platform where (i) companies can publish their career opportunities, (ii) employees can promote these opportunities inside their networks to refer talents to their employers, and (ii) candidates that are interested or actively looking for new job opportunities can find them inside their network.

UGO is a hiring solution designed to help companies engage their employees at the heart of their talent acquisition strategy to boost their employee referrals. Company vacancies are automatically matched to the network of participating employees, who are notified of platform suggested matches to help them stop missing out on referral opportunities. UGO digitalizes, automates and gamifies the Employee Referral Program to increase and keep engagement levels high, to ensure Talent Acquisition teams can rely on a steady pool of prequalified talents.

UGO is also a job platform allowing candidates to be matched automatically to new career opportunities inside their network. We shaped their solution to give job seekers an extraordinary candidate journey experience. They have access to targeted career opportunities inside their network and can reach out to trusted connections to request more information, to evaluate the fit and to ask for a recommendation for fast-tracking their applications and increase their chances.

Foremost, UGO is a social network that is shaped to help people and companies find each other when the cultural fit is high. We believe happy people make more productive teams, which makes companies more successful, and the world a better place.


Why UGO #

Your company leaders recognize HR as one of the most critical functions in their organization. They know that hiring the right candidate is crucial to achieve and sustain a healthy growth of your company.

Your company leaders also know that recruiting is hard work and that talent acquisition professionals not only spend days on recruiting activities, but that they are also tasked with creating a welcoming environment and culture that are attractive to potential hires.

By using UGO, your company and HR leaders are seeking to lessen your burden by digitalizing, automating and gamifying your Employee Referral program, to help you effectively and durably engage your fellow employees at the heart of your talent acquisition strategies and by making it easy (even fun) for them to refer the top fitting talents in their networks.

Together, we will strive to (i) automate your referrals to achieve a continuous stream of your prequalified candidates in your talent pool, (ii) design your referral program’s ideal engagement functions and reward scheme to keep employee engagement levels high. Employees, registering on UGO as your company Ambassadors, will be automatically notified of their referral opportunities when candidates in their network match with current open positions, and they would be able to reach out to and refer fitting candidates at the click of a button. The gamified referral program will keep your Ambassadors engaged by allowing them to earn engagements points for their efforts, even if their candidates don’t get hired, that they can redeem in your reward shop.


About this user guide #

This user guide is intended to be read by internal recruiters in companies that have created their corporate account on UGO. It is designed to provide all essential information to make full use of UGO, including feature descriptions and procedures for access and use. After reading this guide you will be able to:

  • • Register and create your UGO account
  • • Complete your company profile information
  • • Link employee accounts to your company’s account
  • • Find you way through the app
  • • Publish job listings


Glossary #

Ambassadors are registered users of the platform that have linked their personal account to their company on UGO in order to enable specific features, such as the job board and job sharing features. They use UGO for their own account in particular to refer candidates in their network for open positions to their talent acquisition team.

The Application Owner is an employee that is responsible for the asset (UGO) in a client company. It is the Application Owner who initially creates a company account.

Candidates are registered or unregistered users of the platform that haven’t linked their personal account to a company on UGO. They use UGO for their own account in particular to find job opportunities inside their network. Candidates can receive job opportunities or job shares from Ambassadors that allow them to view the opportunity, request a recommendation and apply to the position on UGO.

Opportunities and related opportunity cards refer to platform suggested matches. UGO’s algorithms automatically matches a company’s open positions to the network of its Ambassadors to uncover their referral opportunities. For each match an opportunity card is created from which an ambassador can easily refer matched candidates.

Referrals on UGO are actions performed by Ambassadors to validate the fit of a candidate for a specific job opportunity. Referrals are required for a Candidate to be able to apply to a position on UGO.

Recruiters are registered users of the platform that are using UGO on behalf of a registered company to boost employee referrals and referral hires.

Shares on UGO allow Ambassadors to share their company’s job opportunities in private messages or on social media walls.


Account creation #

Company IDs #

When your Application Owner created your company’s corporate account on UGO, he or she received two codes (Company IDs) that are intended to be shared with the recruiters and employees of the company. The Recruiter ID allows members of the Talent Acquisition team to connect with their Company and unlocks key recruiting features such as job postings. The Ambassador ID allows employees to connect with their Company on UGO and enables key features such as referral and sharing functions.

Users can enter their Company ID in their registration form when signing up on UGO or at any time in their account settings.


Registration #

Open you web browser, then navigate to UGO at and click to register.

Complete the registration form with the required (*) information.

You can enter your Recruiter’s ID in the “Company ID” field to link your account to your company on UGO. This field is not mandatory and your ID can also be entered after you created your account, in your account settings.

Before registering you will need to agree to our Terms & Conditions as well as our Privacy Policy. Your account has now been created and it only needs to be validated before use. To get started, please check your mailbox, find and open UGO’s registration email and click to validate your account.


Account Settings #

You can access your account settings in the top right corner of your screen, under your profile name. These settings allow you to complete and update your basic information, update your password and link your account to your company’s corporate account on UGO.

Your Recruiter account provides access to your company’s information on UGO, such as the Company name, website, description and links to social media company pages.

The Application Owner and Recruiters also have a view on their Ambassadors i.e., participating employees that have linked their account to your company’s. From this view you can unlink Ambassadors that are for example not part of your organization anymore.

The “Support” button links to our Documents Center where you will be able to find useful information about our product and FAQs.


Application Overview #

Your Recruiter account is composed of two main sections: your “Job board” and your “Messaging” pages.


Your Job Board page #

This page displays your company’s current open positions and your employee referrals’ history on UGO.


Job Listings view

Here you will find your company’s information card, as well as other information regarding your company’s collective network on UGO. In this illustration, company “HTW” has four Ambassadors (participating employees) and their total network is composed of 36 potential candidates.

Each job listing shows you the job title, the date on which the job was published on UGO, the referral bonus and the number of platform suggested matches or potential candidates in your company’s collective network on UGO i.e., the sum of all your Ambassadors’ networks.


Referrals view #

Here you can find your candidate referral history on UGO.

Each card represents a successful referral, where an Ambassador has successfully referred a candidate that has applied to the position on UGO. From here, you are able to contact your referring ambassador (e.g., to thank him for his referral), contact your applying candidate (e.g., to invite him for an interview) and to download his CV.


Your Messaging page #

This page centralizes messages between you, your Ambassadors and your applying Candidates.

Messages between you and your Ambassadors are anonymized by default on UGO, but Ambassadors can choose to share their identities with you.


How to post jobs on UGO? #

Unless you have integrated UGO to your ATS (Application Tracking System), you will need to manually publish your jobs on UGO using our dedicated form.

From your Job Board page, click the “Create a job” button on the top right corner of your Job Listings view.

A job creation form will open where you need to enter the following information :

  • • The job title refers to the professional title of the open position;
  • • The seniority field has three values you need to choose from (junior, medior, and senior);
  • • The contract type allows you to target specific categories of candidates such as freelancers, students and regular employees;
  • • The department input field indicates in which department the position needs to be fulfilled;
  • • The city input field refers to the location where the job will mostly be performed;
  • • The start date input field refers to the ideal start date for the hired candidate;
  • • The URL input field refers to your career site where Ambassadors and Candidates can find a full description of the job;
  • • The HR email allows Ambassadors to contact the job publisher (e.g. request more info about the job/candidate);
  • • The referral bonus indicates the amount set for the bonus to the successful referrer;
  • • The required skills input field allows you to further specify the skills set that is required for the ideal candidate.


Once you entered all required information you can click the “Create” button to publish the vacancy on your Ambassadors’ and your own Job Boards.


How to update and delete published jobs? #

You can update or delete published jobs on UGO by clicking on the associated icons as illustrated here below.

Pleas note that you can not modify an existing job title. All other fields of the job form can be edited to reflect a revised targeting of candidates. You could for example choose to target freelancers instead of internal employees.


Creating referral opportunities #

When you publish job on UGO, they are automatically matched to the networks of your Ambassadors to uncover and notify them about potential referral opportunities.

Platform suggested matches are available in your Ambassadors account as illustrated here above. Opportunity cards are created in your Ambassadors’ accounts for each position that was matched to a potential candidate in their network. These opportunity cards provide a high-level overview of the vacancy, including the job title, the associated referral bonus and the number of matched candidates in their network.

From an opportunity card’s details, as illustrated here above, Ambassadors can refer their candidates simply by clicking on the “Refer” button. As a result, referred Candidates will be able to apply for the position on UGO. Note that Candidates are not able to apply for an open position on UGO unless they have been referred specifically by one of your Ambassadors for that position. This ensures that all applications your Talent Acquisition team receives through UGO refer to candidates that have been prequalified by at least one of your Ambassadors. This is meant to further reduce the number of unqualified CVs you need to screen and to safeguard the cultural fit of applying candidates.


Managing your employee referrals #

When a Candidate applies to a position for which he or she was referred for by one of your Ambassadors, an email is sent to the mailbox indicated in the job creation form.

Additionaly, a referral card is created in your Job Board’s referral-applications view. As mentioned here above, from here, you are able to reach out to your Ambassador and Candidate, as well as to access and download his CV.